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Our Branches
There are many branches of Zeenat lab in the Pakistan
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The reception at the medical laboratories (PVT). Ltd is of critical importance as the patient is received, offered laboratory services and report is delivered at reception.

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  • Modular P-800 
  • Modular E -170

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Cell Dyn Ruby by Abbott Laboratory is an automated hematology analyzer to perform blood tests. It is a multi-parameters designed analyzer. The instrument’s utilization of th MAPSS (Multiple Angle Polarized Scatter Separation) technology, laser flow cytometry, coupled with state of the art software provides the latest in automation available from Abbot haematology.

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  • Cobas
  • Abbott M2000
  • Extraction Room
  • Rotogene Q

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  • Architect i2000SR
  • Elecsys 2010
  • Vitros Eci / ECiq

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The STA – COMPACT @ STAGO is a fully automated bench top hemostasis analyzer for clotting chromogenic and immunological assays using random access mode. Suitable for use in routine and special hemostasis testing.

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  • Tissue Embedding Console System
  •  Tissue processor

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  • Bactec 9050
  • Incubator
  • CO2 Incubator
  • Biological Safety Cabinet (Gelaire Flow Laboratory)
  • Autoclave

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The URISED is a fully automated. It can prepare urine deposit slide and then performs urine microscopy.

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  • Receive good/items supplied.
  • Make gate inward pass.
  • Check the goods/items supplied for their physical condition and date of expity.
  • Mark each item with their respective item codes and date of respective item codes and date of receipt of item.
  • Store the items at their respective allocated positions.
  • Make entries into the store software from invoice.
  • Mark the unique store reference Number against each item received on the invoice stamped “Received” and duly signed; ensuring that each item received has been posted in the store Software.
  • Generate different kinds of reports for the management.
  • Check the items physically on weekly basis.
[/item][item type=accs title=”Reporting and Online Department”]

The Management Information System / reporting department at the medical laboratories (PVT) Ltd is critical importance as the entire software is managed from here and patient reports are generated

The objective of the department is to give excellent and consistent service, to generate error free reports and ensure that the results of tests requested are all entered into the system and timely delivery of reports.

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