Heamatology Department

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The Sysmex HST-N system (Hematology Sample Transportation System) automatically supplies samples by connection analyzers (XE series, R-3500 and SP) to sample rack transportation units (STY-N, Sky-N, CVR-N, and RS-N), realizing the systemized inspection system. This system provides fully automated analysis from the blood cell count to the preparation and dyeing the smears for the sample.

The system controller LASC-HST is easy to conduct line control and specimen control. And, since the measurement can be made for each sample rack the system can flexibly deal with the emergent testing.


Sysmex XE -2100

The sysmex XE-2100 by sysmex corporation kobe, japan is an automated hematology analyzer to perform blood tests in clinical laboratories.

The sysmex Xe-2100 can analyze and output the results for 32 parameters of blood samples. WBCs nucleated RBCs and reticulocytes are analyzed by the optical detector block based on the flow cytometry method using semiconductor laser.

HGB is analyzed by the HBG detector based on the SIS hemoglobin detection method. The existences of immature cells are analyzed by the IMI detector based on the RF/DC detection method. Analysis data is displayed on the panel keypad LCD screen and IPU.